My husband and I like to go Glamping (glamour camping – basically not tenting it) whenever we get the chance. We have a travel web site we have set up for friends and family and for other travelers to hopefully provide some helpful info.

We owned a caravan for 5 years and did lots of great trips in that, we sold the van and recently purchased and off road camping trailer by Aussie Swag to get us into all the hard to reach outback places we love to visit.

Because I can’t just walk into a supermarket and buy a loaf of bread, or a packet of biscuits or a cake I have to make sure I have a way of being able to cook these on the road. In the caravan we had an oven so doing some baking on the road wasn’t so hard. In the camping trailer we don’t so we bought a Baby Q Webber to use as a BBQ and an oven. So far I have successfully cooked; Apple Crumble, Best Ever Muffins, Carrot Cake, Healthy Oven Chips and Lamb Roast and veggies. There are a few tricks to getting the Webber to successfully bake the goods, one of which is controlling the temperature. Later I will share with you the tricks I have learnt and will update that section as I successfully cook something else in the Webber when using it as an oven.

With some of the ingredients I need, they can’t just be bought at the local supermarket or corner store so I have to take them with me. Here are some of the things I do.

A lot of the baking recipes can be made up into pre-mixes with just the dry ingredients. For example, Best Ever Muffins, Banana Cake, Carrot Cake, Almond and Sultana Biscuits, Grain Free Bread etc. I make sure I carry enough of the pre-mixes to last for the length of trip; the longest we have been away for so far was 5 weeks. We are planning an 8 week trip next year. I always make sure I have plenty of Pancake Mix which just needs to have the water added. I will also bag up a nut mix and maybe some dried fruit.

I put the pre-mixes into a vacuumed seal bags and seal them up. They will last and stay fresh for a long long time. You could double bag them only don’t leave them too long before they are used. I have also taken pre-mixes with me on a flight when I know I have an oven at the other end. This way I just grab a pre-mix and just add the wet ingredients most of which can be purchased at the local supermarket. Sure makes it quick and easy when we are away, let’s face it who wants to be mucking around doing a lot of cooking, sifting flours, measuring ingredients when you are supposed to be taking in the scenery, enjoying yourself, spending time with your family or your new found travel friends. A little bit of work at home makes is a lot easier when you are on the road.

Unfortunately I do have to do a lot of my own cooking; I don’t really have a lot of choice about that with the amount of foods I have to avoid. But when we are away I sure as hell want to make it as easy as possible. I don’t want to be slaving over a hot oven while everyone else is having fun.

I also take my bread maker and use it when we have power, blow this making it by hand business. Some might think that is fun, cook it on the hot coals as you sit around the campfire. One or two loaves might be fun but it’s not when you have to cook all your bread that way. With the bread maker, put the ingredients in press go and then sit around the campfire having a cuppa or a glass of wine with your mates, that’s more like it. Trust me I do enough cooking as it is so I’ll take an easy option when I can.

There is nothing like the smell of fresh cooked bread, biscuits or muffins baking in the oven. Or the taste of lamb roast and veggies, followed up with yummy apple crumble devoured while you sit around the campfire or watch a beautiful sunset. Your site will be the most popular spot around.

Photography by Kate Let’s Go Photography

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